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With time we often forget those who assisted the Club in the past.
Three Perpetual Trophies may help us remember.

Biography provided by Rob Cullen

Arthur "Mick" Reid,

Mick was awarded the APR Medal in 1969 and the honour ESFIAP in 1977 in recognition of outstanding service to photography.

As a youngster he first dabbled in photography when he developed and printed films exposed in a Box Brownie. His long association with Camera Clubs began when he was a member of the committee formed to re-establish the Townsville Photographic Society after the war.

When he moved to Toowoomba in 1960, he joined the Toowoomba Photographic Society until 1962, when he transferred to Brisbane and became a stalwart of the Queensland Colour Group. He was a committee member of this club for many years and held various positions, including that of President.

From 1964 onwards, Mick also served on the Council of the Photographic Society of Queensland, including a term as President of PSQ from 1972-74. Mick made countless friendships with photographers in all parts of Queensland (and inter-state) through his job as Editor of the PSQ Newsletter. His "Club Notes" and "lnterstate News" always had that special feeling of friendliness and camaraderie that made all NL readers feel they were members of a big, happy, photographic family.

Mick was Editor for PSQ for 13 years - a record that is not likely to be surpassed for length or quality of service. Many folk from other States first met Mick at APSCONS and would have seen him bustling about as a committee member for the Conventions held in Queensland in 1966, 1972 and 1977.

In fact, there are few events of major photographic importance in Queensland that haven't had the benefit of Mick's assistance.

He was a Foundation Committee Member when BIDFEST (International Audio-Visual Comp) was formed in 1980 and is their Publicity Officer. Much of his photographic activities were centred on BIDFEST and the Audio-Visual Division of APS.

However, he still found time for an occasional judging, and his visits to Camera Club meetings were enjoyed by their members who held Mick in such high regard.

Mick’s final years were spent in Bundaberg as a member of the Bundaberg Photographic Group after meeting another Club member Roma Brown. They eventually married. Both supported the Bundaberg Club to a great extent and Roma (a nurse) was a Godsend to Mick in his final years of Motor Neurone Disease.

The Perpetual Trophy in Mick Reid’s name helps to remember his legacy to Photography and in particular the Bundaberg Photographic Group.

Rob Kent

Rob was a young ‘single’ guy looking for a hobby to perhaps assist his ‘Painter and Decorator’ professional life.

He quickly became very active in the Club and served several years as Club President. (2002, 2003 2004 ).

Rob set up his own darkroom at home and purchased a collection of junky enlarger parts with which he (amazingly) turned out exceptional prints.

The ‘Theme’ of his photography tendered towards Contemporary and Conceptual subject matter (Hence the reason for his memorial trophy Competition subject “Contemporary”) for which he became best known.

In the era of Colour Slides and B&W Prints this was often referred to as “Experimental” or “Creative”.  Rob could photograph an egg and make it interesting.

It was a shock to Club members when cancer cut Rob’s life very short.

Kevin James

Kevin was ‘THE Club Secretary’ for many, many years. His white port of documents always accompanied him to meetings. He never failed to prepare the screen and slide-projector for competition nights.

I believe Kev was a Fitter and Turner, loved the outdoors, always had a ‘billy’ boiled and damper cooking any time the Club had an outing or a weekend camp. I can remember one Easter camp at Maleny (c1980) when a severe storm hit our tents- we all gathered and stood in Kev’s marquee tent holding down the poles while every other tent was turned inside-out by the wind.

Kev never claimed to be a great photographer but his interests, of course, were with ‘Landscapes’ and any subject in the great outdoors. His camera was always a Pentax SLR.

“Kev, we really do appreciate your skill at organizing outings for us all.

We get to some dandy places and into some dandy situations, but we always manage to have so much fun wherever we go that who would miss whatever you have in store for us in the future? Thanks Kev.” Quote Maree Chappell 1982.